Sunday, April 24, 2011

Use Pandora ? you'll want Pianobar

I love, it provides me the majority of my new music selections/artists. The problem is that pandora has a few usability issues (with good reason). Pianobar is a command line tool that will login to pandora, grab your playlists, and play any one you want. And it has a feature that makes it all worth it- infinite skips.

Here is the install site:

Install it, I have it on every machine that I listen on, its awesome.

The following is the output of the menu command that outlines a lot of what the prog does;

+ love song
- ban song
a add music to station
c create new station
d delete station
e explain why this song is played
g add genre station
h song history
i print information about song/station
j add shared station
m move song to different station
n next song
p pause/continue
q quit
r rename station
s change station
t tired (ban song for 1 month)
u upcoming songs
x select quickmix stations
b bookmark song/artist
( decrease volume
) increase volume
= delete seeds/feedback

as you can see, it is versatile.

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