Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Heres an idea, create a alternate persona you use for all those bajillion accounts. Website got hacked? pfft, big deal, you got my bullshit account, grats.

Seriously, take a second and think up a new identity:
-Wife? Kids? pet? mistress? mistress!

This is your new account, grats, use it with peace of mind.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Changing GNU Screen's Escape Sequence

It seems kind of dumb to me for several different programs to have the same escape sequence. Ever tried to use minicom in a screen session? Or try to go to beginning of line in bash? Not fun.

You have to modify your .screenrc file to have the following line:

escape escapekey metakey

I changed mine to C-` (backtick). So my escape line looks like this:
escape ^``

I got the information from here:

MS08-067 Affected Machines

Microsoft's account of affected version of windows. Handy to have.

Don't Be A Prick

There is an attitude that is very prevalent in the infosec community. That is arrogance. People who have been told too many times that they are "uber smart leet hackers" and this praise creates an aura that repulses anyone who can see past the facade. Here is a simple idea to ponder on; Arrogance = insecurty + fear.

These people's greatest fears are to be regarded as normal. They are terrified at the thought of their people not respecting them. They fear the judgments of others. And that, my friends is why an arrogant person is the weakest form. A meek individual may be scared of what others think, but at least they wont throw someone in front of a bus to show their muscles.

So let me end on a few simple notes. There was a time you knew nothing, that time has never went away. Your pride simply outgrew your knowledge. If you are looking for a dose of modesty, then here is a spoonful:

One day, everything you know, everything you have, and everything you love will be gone. On that day, there will only be one thing that remains; your memory. You better make DAMN sure that memory of you is a good one. That is your heaven. That is your hell. That is your soul.

Imagine if there was no more tomorrow for you; everyone else goes on, but you don't. Your possessions get divided up and taken by others. Your loved ones will move on and concern themselves with someone else. But there is one thing that remains in the minds of everyone. Your influence, your ideals, your philosophies carry on in those who cared. Those who were touched by your mind. Touched in a positive way, not an arrogant, self-serving, or egotistical way. Not a way that makes people feel like an idiot or a moron that doesn't deserve his own voice.

Next time you are faced with a situation in which you can raise someone up or bring them down, remember the truth of your life - that it ends.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

uniq not working? yes it is

Remember this simple fact and you wont feel like an idiot (like i did about 10minutes ago). Lets say you have a text file with the following:


if you run that file through sort -u you will get the exact same output. Sound crazy? yeah thats what i thought, until you see the invisible. Whitespace. the second "cats" has a space after it. The space at the end makes that line completely different from the previous "cats".

Use the following line to eliminate the whitespace:
sed 's/ //g' filename

Now, run it through sort -u and be a happy camper.