Thursday, September 8, 2011

GNU screen and osx mouse scrolling

I use a mac. I use screen. I want mac mouse scrolling in screen. This is how I do it:

My main gripe with screen is its scrollback buffer. As a pentester, the output i receive is obviously incredibly important, so an easy way to view it is imperative. Apparently there is a way to hack mouse scrolling into terminal. Basically it utilizes a plugin written for a scripting agent that interfaces into

1. install SIMBL:
2. install MouseTerm:
3. restart terminal, make sure "send mouse events" is checked in the "shell" menu option.
4. start screen
5. ???
6. profit

Basically its a plugin that converts the scroll up movement of your mouse/touchpad to up/down arrow keys and sends that to the terminal. This effectively allow you to quickly scroll through screens scrollback buffer quickly by flicking your fingers.

awwwww yeahhhhh

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