Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Troll Tricks #2

"Let me log into the server to check my mail...ALRIGHT, WHO THE FUCK DID THAT?"
*Supressed childish giggle*

Who wouldn't want to be greeted by nyan cat when they log into their terminal? Its so cute and fluffy and pop-tarty. I think some people dont quite appreciate the grace and elegance of the whiskered space-poptart. Lets enhance their experience with the gift of NYAN.

sudo -s "echo telnet miku.acm.uiuc.edu >> /home/user/.bashrc"

Now whenever they decided to join the server, they can join the fun!

*What this basically does is telnet straight to a server that NYAN's the crap out of them until they enter the telnet escape sequence 'ctrl+[' when they then type quit + enter, it drop them back to their shell.
**this is the nice way of doing it, you can always put in an "exit" right after so it doesnt drop them to shell.

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