Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Create file from hex dump

So im working on a client and they have the most restrictive traffic rules i've ever seen. I cant transfer any files whatsoever. I figured out I could do this today:

1.xxd NameOfFile
2.copy the output
3.paste it into a file
4.xxd -r file file1
5.open with respective program

Basically what is happening is that you are generating the hex code via xxd and regenerating the binary via xxd -r.

This effectively allows you to transfer files when all you can do is run commands on them.

fuck yeah this makes my life easier.

EDIT: lol i totally forgot turning binaries into text was THE job of the base64 encoding algorithm. so its basically the same steps but with base64...

1. base64 filename
2. copypasta into another file
3. base64 -d newfilename
4. open with respective program

the base64 program has the added benefit of having less to copy/paste over.

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