Friday, March 25, 2011

Major Experiment

I decided to delete all of my RSS feeds from google reader. I had over 60 subscriptions that I felt I needed to go through on a daily basis. Well recently, I discovered myself spending too much time on feeds. So, in response, I decided to delete them all to see how my productivity increases.

I have enough friends/chat channels so that I dont miss anything major that is happening in the field. I will edit this blog post with my thoughts/findings regarding this experiment :D

EDIT: So its been less than 24h and I have already been discovering new blogs/reading on things I have been meaning to learn for a while now. I did decide to actually have 3 subscriptions on my reader though(ITS NOT CHEATING I SWEAR). The subscriptions are xkcd, questionable content comic, and I dont consider it cheating because those take all of 5 seconds to check and i check them regularly anyway.

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