Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Learning yourself

Perhaps the best skill/hack you could possibly do is learning your own system.
How do you think?
why do you think the way you do?
what motivates you?
what makes you lazy?
why do you get angry at certain things? and what can you do to recognize and stop it?
What makes you, you?

Most people will go their entire lives without understanding themselves, and will inherently become their own slaves. But, I firmly believe this one statement:

A man who is God of himself, is a God to others.

There is no large leap, or epiphany that can cause you to fully understand yourself. It all comes in small parts, small epiphanies, specific, and detailed. Good example is what happened to me today. I realized that trying to prioritize multiple items that have multiple levels of importance can mess with my head, therefore, knocking out the simpler, quicker tasks first allows me to only have to worry about a smaller number of items. Now that I have reduced my amount of items from 10 to 3, I only have to devote my attention to 3 items. Which is MUCH easier to handle than 10 different things at once.

May seems very simple and obvious, but when something like that changes how you manage your time, you become more efficient, and have more time to do other things.

Its just a little philosophy that I thought I would impart on anyone whos interested.

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